What I Wish I had Known When I was in a Bad Mood when I was Younger

summer 2007

summer 2007

What I wish I had known when I was in a bad mood when I was younger was that it was all in my head. When I was tight, stuck, and irritable it was all coming from the negative thinking and perfectionism. I wish I’d realized that the negativity and perfectionism and judgement were eating up all the mental space. What I needed then was space.

I wish I had known I was making it up -- the struggle and suffering. I was making it up that I was a victim to whatever circumstance had presented itself in that moment. If you had told me so, I wouldn’t have believed you though.

I wish I had known it was possible to shift my experience of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING by shifting how I was thinking about it.

There is power in positive thinking and affirmations, but it’s not really so easy as that. I wish I had known that the shift in thinking has to be specific to those thoughts -- and it has to be a way of letting go of the old negative thoughts. I wish I had realized that letting go of thoughts is not the same as pushing them away, trying to force them out of your mind. No. The old thoughts have to be given the opportunity to let go of you. They have to release you.

There are extremely simple and effective ways to invite them to do that.

I wish I’d known all of that.

I would’ve saved myself so much struggle and suffering.

What is one thing you’ve learned on your spiritual path that you wish you had learned when you were younger? Please share it in the comments below.

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