What I mean when I say "Your Heart"


The most easeful people I know, are the ones who live from their Hearts.

That’s definitely true for me. I spent many hours this weekend caught in a story that my mind was making up. I barely remember what the story was about. But I remember the feeling of being stuck, and of being separate from my family. I felt like I couldn’t connect with them because my mind was so busy telling me what I should be doing instead.

I knew I was stuck in my head and it was making me miserable and disconnected. So I took time to journal it out until I could reopen lines of communication with my Heart. As soon as messages from my Heart starting pouring through, the boxed in feeling disappeared and I was able to connect with my people again.

For me to feel better, it took getting back to living from my Heart and not my head.

This language: “my Heart” or “your Heart” is language I am super comfortable using. But if you haven’t been in a yoga class with me, I realize you might not know what I mean. (probably you do though!)

When I talk about your Heart -this is what I mean:

  • I mean the deepest, truest part of you.

  • I mean the still small voice inside that always guides you true.

  • I mean the part that hasn’t changed since you were born even though you’ve changed so much.

  • I mean the deepest wisdom that is so deep you don’t even know how you got it, but it’s there.

When I say “Your Heart”, I mean, what Martha Beck PhD* calls: your Essential Self. That’s the self that was you before the world got ahold of you and started telling you who they think you are and who they think you should be. And that is the self that is still in there somewhere. It might be close to the surface or buried deep under years of other people’s ideas of you, but it IS in there.

In yoga there is the concept of the Self (capital S). A word that tries to capture the grandness of Ultimate reality. It is the Absolute ground of Being that, from the yogic perspective, is at the core of everyone and everything.

When I say your Heart I do mean the Self. But more than that, I mean the Self as FLAVORED by you. The Self as experienced and expressed fully and authentically by you.

What I know is that your Heart is completely true and unique to you. You cannot manufacture it. You can’t fake it. You can't think your way into it or design it for yourself. It is who you were born to be.

That means, no one can BE it, but you. Someone else can imitate you. But that would be an outside looking in view that can’t hold a candle to the depth of your true Heart coming from the inside out.

Your Heart is YOU. It is undeniable, and cannot be duplicated. So whenever I encourage you to live into your Heart. THIS is what I’m talking about.

and remember.

There is, and only ever will be ONE of you. EVER.

You’re it. Please, be YOU!

Did this blog open your Heart in some way? Did you feel a sense of resonance or recognition? If so, I’d love to hear something about it. Leave a comment in the space below. And please share with a friend who needs to read this message today.

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*For more from Martha Beck PhD on the Essential Self read Finding your Own North Star