I went Looking for Love


I went looking for Love and I found Affirmation.

Part of what feels so good about being loved is that the other is Deeply Affirming you. YOU, yes, YOU with your weird feet, and your bad habits, with your extra pounds and life’s worth of emotional baggage. You with your beautiful heart and kind way of living. To all of this, the full package of you, the other says “YES!”

Affirmation is saying YES. The more you can share your deepest self with someone else and the more they can drop their ideas of who they think you are to say YES to who you actually are - the more Loved you will feel. Having someone say YES to you in this real way is deeply nourishing to your soul.

Just be around a dog who adores you even when you are in a terrible mood, and you know what affirmation and love feel like.

It is not necessary to ask anyone else to affirm you. You can do it for yourself.

The task is simple but not easy. Whatever comes up inside of you, say YES. Affirm that even with your weird feet you are enough. And even though you haven’t got it all figured out yet, you are worthy.

When you hold up your negative thoughts of yourself in the light of affirmation - transformation happens. It is through deep affirmation that your conditioning, habits, and negative samskaras are shifted. This kind of loving acceptance rewires your brain, it literally changes you.

Transformation is possible because of the power of your heart. Your heart can hold and affirm anything and everything you bring to it. Your mind may become agitated and upset. It may scream in fear or rage in frustration. Your mind is not useful when it comes to affirming life. No, you must lean into your heart.

Your heart is connected to, sourced by, and a part of the Great Heart. This Heart is filled with limitless loving acceptance that affirms you and all of us in every moment. You don’t have to be perfect to be affirmed in this way. There’s nothing you need to do to earn it. You are it. Your breath is the evidence. Life breathes you - you are affirmed.

On this day of (let’s face it superficial expressions of) Love let us reconnect with the Heart, recognize we are innately and deeply affirmed and do our best to live as examples of loving affirmation in this world.

Remember, You are Love.