Restoration isn't just about taking Naps


I’ve recently started playing piano again. I sit down on the bench for a few minutes and play songs I haven’t played since high school. I love being able to bring music into my home. It gives me such joy to express myself through music for those few minutes. We were gifted our piano more than ten years ago. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to return to playing.

But I do know why. Playing piano isn’t my job. It has nothing to do with being a yoga instructor or life coach. Playing piano doesn’t get dinner on the table, fold the laundry or wash the dishes. It does nothing to move me forward as a wife, mother or business owner. And so, it has been relegated to the background of my life. Something I wish I had time to do but certainly can’t do any more because I’m on to the serious work of being an adult.

A shift came for me this fall when I was doing some work with Master Life Coach, Nona Jordan. She introduced the idea of Restoration. I thought I knew what restoration was all about. I take naps occasionally. I practice yoga nidra. I value rest even if I don’t practice it as often as I would like to practice it. Nona said, there’s more to Restoration than taking naps.

Restoration is whatever restores your soul!

That means restoration includes those activities that bring you into a space of joy and delight just by doing them. Restoration includes activities and experiences that make you happy when you are involved with them and may have no other point or payoff other than your joy. {BOOM! Mind BLOWN}

Of course! Of course when I play piano for thirty minutes in the morning my blog posts flow more easily. And, piano isn’t my only choice. I love to read, sew, build fires, write, arrange flowers, decorate, connect with friends, cook for people (as a treat not a chore), dance, paint, make collages… and on.. There are SO many things I could choose that restore me that are a true departure from my responsibilities. When I do them regularly, the rest of my life benefits hugely!

Taking time to step out of responsibility into joy flavors all the other activities of your day with a sense of easeful delight. It returns you to a connection with yourself that is light hearted and easeful. And it lets you drop the ongoing pressures you put on yourself, if only for a little while.

I love that I am NOT trying to become a concert pianist. I don’t care if anyone ever hears me play. And it’s great not to be trying to make a living off of my music. With no pressure, and no point other than joy, returning to piano feels truly restorative to my soul. I feel more alive and connected with my spirit simply by sitting down for a few minutes. What a gift.

So I hope you will join me in returning to activities that bring you joy - and in doing them truly for the sake of that joy, no other reason. I know, we can all use a little more delight in our lives.