Yogic Adaptability


We are entering the days of long nights. The times of children home from school and families drawn together. We are entering the days of so much demand on time, energy, resources - and much of the demand coming from outside rather than inside. This is the time of things not going as planned. The time of plans needing to accommodate differences in opinion and preference. These are the days of forgetting ourselves in the rush of being with everyone else.

The ability to change to meet the challenges of your circumstances, without losing connection to your center, your Heart - that ability is Yogic Adaptability.

At this time of year we are asked to be adaptable like water. Water changes to meet the conditions. Water can freeze solid into ice, or become fluffy snow. It can be sleet or rain. Water holds salt and becomes the ocean or is fresh in a mountain brook. When heat arrives water changes for that too - it bubbles and boils and eventually becomes steam. Water is adaptable to so many conditions. And yet, it never loses it’s essential make up of two hydrogen, one oxygen. It is still Water.

This is the time to be much the same. Conditions change. Demands are made. If adaptability isn’t available rigidity, resistance, and frustration set in. Fighting the circumstances never works. But too much adaptability leads to losing center and connection to oneself, becoming a doormat for others to walk all over.

Right in the middle is yogic adaptability. Changing with the circumstances, bringing your full attention and full self right up to the moment, and staying plugged in to your Heart is the adaptability that is needed. Yogic Adaptability means you don’t forget who you are, and what your needs are even as you adjust to meet the environment.

Yogic adaptability means living from your Heart as you adapt to meet your world.