Bookends: Setting up the Day to go Your way


Our summer has been hectic this year because by 7am every single morning a bunch of guys have been showing up to make noise, dust, and smells as we renovate our house.  It means we've been spending most of our days out of the house.  And if you know anything about me, you probably know I'm an introverted homebody, I love to work and play from home.  Spending most of my daytime hours out of the house is not my idea of fun.

Interestingly, being out has not been as challenging for me as I thought it would be because of how I bookended my days.

All summer long I have been incredibly consistent in two things: Starting my day with outdoor meditation (Sit Spot).  And ending my day with soulful reading or writing.  I'm not saying I don't have bad days, but in general I've been more calm, creative, and peaceful even as we live with most of our house in disarray.  

Taking time in the morning to sit and clear my mind, to hear the sounds of nature, to watch the sunrise (yes, I'm up that early some days) or to feel the rain on my skin reminds me that I'm connected to something much larger than myself.  It also settles my nervous system down because both meditation and nature are known to decrease anxiety.  

Taking time in the evenings is even more important because my energy has been so scattered by the the day that I almost feel like I lose track of myself.  The reading and writing time help me stay aware of my personal intentions, my areas for growth, and again my connection to something much larger than the tiny details of the day.  

By bookending my days this way this summer I've learned:

Starting and ending your day with intention and reconnection will make all the difference in how you live that day.  And --  If you change the way you live each day - you change the way you live your life.

Are you nodding your head in agreement because deep down you know there's a nugget of truth in it for your life?  If so, you might want to contemplate your own days a little more deeply.  

Here are some follow up questions:

How do I like the way my days are going?

How's my energy on all levels - mental, physical, spiritual, emotional?  

How am I starting my day?

How am I  ending my day?  

And if I could make one tiny change

to the start  or end of my day what would it be?