A Day at the Beach (or Magic really Happens)


I'm just back from my annual family vacation to Topsail Island, NC and I'm feeling excited to share a beautiful experience we had while we were there.

On Wednesday we went out to an epically beautiful day: clear blue skies, perfect air and water temperatures, blue/green water, and waves that were perfect for playing in.  After hours outside playing, the whole family came in happy and content.  It could've stopped there and been a wonderful day.  

But during dinner my uncle yelled out: "Rainbow!"  We all hopped up and ran to the window.  The rainbow stretched over the whole beach and was magnificent.  Looking just above it, another rainbow was mirrored in the clouds.  

Well, we couldn't resist.  The kids tore back down to the beach to play in the tidal pools and grasp at the rainbow.  From beautiful to magical it couldn've stopped there, but Mother Nature had one more treat for us.

Just then, leaping out of the waves we saw the dolphins!  For years there haven't been any dolphins on our trips.  But on this full moon evening the dolphins arrived and leaped, surfed, swam and fished in the very same waves we'd played in earlier that day.  Standing with my toes in the sand, watching dolphins swim under rainbows felt... well, incredible.  It was awe, wonder, mystery, contentment,  .... joy... all of the things that come together in the sanskrit word Ananda (Bliss)

Some of my family stayed on the deck - watching all of it as if it was on a TV screen designed to entertain. But no.  Being there on the shore, living it, is an experience I'm grateful to have had and am not soon to forget.  

Life should help us feel alive!  Yoga, Nature, Coaching - they help me do that.  If you're feeling dull inside, dead or lifeless even - ask yourself - Am I running down to the beach to play under rainbows? Or am I staying on the deck and watching from afar?  Or This: Am I pay attention to what I think? or to what I am actually experiencing via my senses right now?  

Open your eyes. Your ears. Your skin.  Breathe through your heart and RUN into your life.  The magic is waiting!