Are you Blocking your Blessings?


Maybe you have something in your life that feels like the bane of your existence, a problem that simply doesn't ever seem to get solved.  For you it might be never having enough money, never having enough time, being too tired all the time, or too much clutter around the house.  No matter how many times you try to make a change, it always seems to come back to the same place.  This, my friends, is an energy rut. 

Earlier this week I found myself walking in one of a favorite old rut... "I'm not going to have childcare!"  The childcare predicament is one that drives me Bonkers on a regular basis!  I never seem to be able to solve it for very long.

The thing is, in yoga philosophy if we look to lakshimi we see that abundance, blessings, boons are always flowing in our direction, the only thing we need to do is open our hands to receive them.  And even my life coach teacher, Martha Beck, teaches that if you put your request out into the world, the Universe will do all it can to bring you what you desire.  I know this is starting to sound a little woo-woo, but hear me out.

So, why, then if Boons are always headed towards me... and I've asked the Universe for help, why doesn't the perfect sitter for my need just show up ready to delight my children so that I can make it to work on time? 

The answer, is that something in your thoughts or your energy is actually blocking the very thing you say you want from being delivered to you.  The Universe is doing what it can, but you are literally in your own way... probably without even knowing it.

So, for me the question I started to ask myself late late on Monday night became:  What is blocking the babysitter from reaching me?  In life coaching I've learned a way of digging into my mind to explore the energy rut, it's called Inquiry and Thought Work.  To deal with my babysitter problem on Monday night I sat down and wrote out all the reasons I thought I couldn't find a babysitter... things like It's too hard to find someone, everyone is too busy, I shouldn't have a sitter in the first place... and on and on and ON for two pages!!!  That was the first step.  
The second step was that I took the strongest of those thoughts and submitted it to questioning to see if it actually held up.  ...  Long story short, it didn't.  (and none of the others did either, they were just ways of avoiding the problem or holding myself back).  

Monday night's exercise was an interesting experiment. And it gave me some relief from the stress of the so-called Problem, but I didn't think much of it as I set out on my day on Tuesday morning.

Well, wouldn't you know it. I walked into the preschool to pick up my son and before I even made it up the stairs I was stopped by a mom who has a friend who is moving to town for grad school... and guess how she wants to make money while she's in school... Babysitting.  I was handed her name and number and we have a meeting set for next week.  I'm not saying that all of this happened because I did my inner work around my "problem" ...  But you have to admit it's uncanny that it happened that way.  

The workings of the Universe seems mysterious... I advocate removing as many blocks as you can within yourself and seeing what happens.   I encourage you to shift your perspective on your so-called problems.  What would happen if you asked yourself: How am I blocking myself from receiving what is being offered in respect to this situation?  And does that block actually deserve my energy?  You just might be surprised at what opens up.  

Yoga and Life are not for the faint of heart. It takes real courage to ask yourself these kinds of questions. I commend you for doing it!