Believing is in the Body


Here's what I believe: I believe (because I've experienced it directly) that our bodies are storehouses of memories and experiences.  I also believe that physical movement - directed into the body, guided by the body - can open up access to those storehouses.  I remember years ago a practice which took me right into the memory of the fight I had with one of my best friends in the third grade.  Third Grade.  I followed my body in there - and then cried over it for the first time in over 20 years.  And then, it was gone.  Healed or resolved or something. I can think of that friend without feeling in the least bit tugged by the thought.  And that's a mild example. I KNOW our biography is written into the tissue of our biology. (as Carolyn Myss would say).

This week I had the experience of something even more being in there. or out there. Geez! I'm falling into these mystical, opening experiences and it gets more and more difficult to describe.  At the same time I am falling into a deeper and deeper experience of myself and so the writing is meant to help me remember and mark the path.

This week I was on the table receiving MFR from a well respected practitioner (who I also happened to do my first YTT with).  This time my body did not take me into storehouses of memory or early life. This time I was vaulted into my medicine realm.  I know this realm because I have to climb a waterfall to get there.  Once I'm at the top of the waterfall I land in a giant nest, not unlike a gorilla nest, and this is my medicine place.  

There, I met my guru.  or The Guru. I saw my teacher and I saw his teacher.  His teacher morphed into His Teacher with his big round belly and streams of white light behind him.  Sort of laughing with me. Sort of inviting me.

Then my rational brain took over, said: "what the hell is THAT?" and went back to noticing how the work Rob was doing in my hips was changing the way my neck was feeling.

Can I say that I BELIEVE this too?  The way that I believe my body steered me into healing old trauma, my body can be a vehicle to transcendent experiences. Can I believe that my body can be an access point into the unseen, to deep layers of knowing, to community with beings my path has not yet crossed? Or was I just visualizing?  

I've been doing too much work, and reading too many books about enlightenment and guidance from the Universe to think that this is simply my mind playing tricks on me.... honestly my mind is so much more boring (how can I be a better mom? how can I get better at yoga? what the heck is happening in Game of Thrones?) 

And so I say YES! I believe there is something SO much more than meets the eye.  And I for one am finding myself further and further down the rabbit hole and having a sweeter and sweeter time.  I will not argue. but will climb that dang waterfall again and again if needed.

Want to find your medicine place? try this 7-league boots meditation by Martha Beck.