Please don't let your Ego Strangle your Soul


Please Don't let your Ego Strangle Your Soul : A note to myself

Your soul knows what it's doing.  It knows what it wants. It knows what it needs. It knows what it is supposed to be doing.


Your ego on the other hand is a completely tyrannical idiot.  It has no idea what it needs or is supposed to be doing (assisting your soul).  It certainly does not have your best interest at heart. And given the opportunity it will steamroll your soul in its desperate attempt to prove its own usefulness.


Your soul is quiet, unassuming, and True

Your Ego is loud, pushy, and not grounded in Absolute Reality.  It will squash your soul at any moment in service of its own misdirected mission.




Your soul is EVERYthing.  Your soul holds the key to your ultimate peace and enjoyment of life on this planet.  

Your soul's work needs to be done and it will be restless and undermining until you get sick --- or get on it.


Please get on it.


Tell your ego to get to work for your soul and see how your life transforms - only it feels more like a returning to yourself than a change into something new.


You are the only one with this one particular soul.  Please don't crush it.