Dispatch from La La Land #1

My son, Eli, was born two and a half weeks ago on March 17th. And if you are still reading this blog I totally commend you seeing as how I pretty much drop off the planet when big things are happening in my life.

He was born here at home with the help of an amazing midwife and since then I've been living in a sort-of dream-state.  I am truly reluctant to leave my space or do much of anything other than gaze at this little being who has decided to join me.  I may never practice or teach yoga again.  (ok, that's not true, but this is more than sufficient for now)

One thing I've learned by being here is how to keep hold of the sacredness.  Birth is a monumental occasion, rare in my life and this was the last we assume.  And so, Birth is magical and sacred. To have had him here in my home nest means that a sacredness descended on my home and I'm doing my best to keep it around.

What's helping is:
-Limiting visitors and phone calls
-Limiting noise and distractions of any kind.  When you want to keep sacredness the internet and television shows are your worst enemy
-Connecting to nature (out the window for me, but sometimes on the deck)
-Leaving things as they are - not clearing away the birth supplies, candles, affirmations but letting them stay out as reminders of the magic that happened here
-Staying quiet myself and not taking on anything more than the care of this infant, care for my own healing body, and nurture of my child and husband
-Resting and following my intuition
-Journalling on my reflections and moment to moment experiences and feelings
-Reminding myself of the importance of this time, that it is fleeting and will never return in this way with this being, and breathing it in

So now I'll go crawl back into the quiet nest of my bedroom, contemplate life in her grand and beautiful dance, and rest my bones before I venture out into the world this afternoon.

How do you keep the sacred?