Pep Talk


Dear One-

     What I want you to know is, you have everything you need to engage with your life beautifully.  And you need everything you have.  You were brought into this world totally complete.  There is nothing missing, nothing to take away. There is no one else you need to be.

You have all the skills and the knowledge and the courage and the willpower to do what it is it feels you cannot.  You have it inside of you already.  The challenge feels hard.  It feels un-doable.  I know. I also know you can do it.  I absolutely believe in you.

"This is easy for you"  you may say.  It can be just as easy for you, my friend.  Just as many backslides and missteps.  Just as many excuses and copouts.  What appears "easy" is really a hard earned and abundantly reinforced Habit.  It is fought for continuously, less I slide back towards where I repeatedly choose not to go.

You already have what you need, that's the thing.  You can do it, you could've done it many times over.  And when you care enough,  when the agony is unbearable enough,  when it feels important enough to you to Choose to step in a new direction, you will do it.  You are totally equipt for this particular and unique life you are living.

I've got your back.  Take that giant step when you are ready.  I've TOTALLY got your back!

with love,