Sabbatical (if you haven't noticed)

My friends came out for my first practice in our new house this morning

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.  The posting has been light.  The workload in life has been heavy (but delightful for the most part).

Sifting and sorting through are happening in dramatic fashion.  So, for the moment, I think in favor of getting on my mat rather than the internet when I encounter a free moment,  I'm having a bloggity sabbatical.

Mainly, writing this relieves the guilt I've been feeling about wanting to write but not having the time, and having the time but then losing the thread of inspiration.  And, well, I don't want to just write to fill up time and space. We all have enough stuff on the internet to do that for us.

I'm not sure how much time I'm going to need, and this isn't a total walk away, I'll still drop in occasionally.  And I full well KNOW I'll be back and will be bursting with things to say (it's all just in seed form right now).

BUT in the meantime, I'm still teaching.  And, you can keep connecting on Facebook or email.  (And, you know, if we're tight I could even talk to you on the phone or in PERSON! holy Shiva/Shakti)

Best to you all.  More soon.

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