Friday Viewing

(Oh Dear, they've changed the whole layout for posting to this blog... this could take me a little while to sort out.  BUT everything else in my life is changing, why not this too?)

I know.  You've seen this.  I've seen this.  BUT, it bears repeating.  Again and again and again.

This piece on vulnerability came through my facebook and my email a few months back and I didn't even bother to open it up.  I just couldn't get to it though I meant to.  And then, just a few weeks ago, as I was diving into just this very topic in my life coaching process I finally opened it up.

This is a brilliant story with the research to back it up.  This is where I'm working.  This is what I want you to see, or see again if you've seen it before.

Have a good weekend!

Elizabeth FuquaComment