Transitions are Important: a Moment for Anusara

Between sobs and snot and snowfall this afternoon it occurred to me I have to mark this shift in Anusara. For me it is like a death. And death cannot be ignored.

Plus, Life should not go uncelebrated.
The transition is wildly important.
So I offer this idea to any who would choose to join me in holding vigil.....
May we as a Global Community pause and take a moment for Anusara
Light a light and begin at 6am on 2/20 EST
(12 hours after Miami completes) and go through 6am 2/21

3 Oms
3 Rounds of the Invocation
Your blessing, wish, prayer for the community and all involved
A final Om

If 6am doesn't work, join at any hour and know you are joining with
someone else in the world in holding space for Anusara in your heart.
It does not matter where you are, may we hold space for this community transition.

May our prayers and blessings, benedictions,
memorials, and offerings start the healing process.
I'll be doing this tomorrow throughout the day and night. Join me when you will. Let us begin to heal together.
Elizabeth FuquaComment