I got confirmation today that Anusara really is an organization that I love and feel I want to represent in the world.

A few weeks ago I was accepted into the workshop John will be offering in College Park, MD. I got my confirmation email, sort-of noted that the payment deadline was approaching, and went along my merry way. Well, all weekend this weekend I kept thinking about that workshop and that I'd better go ahead and pay for it... but, of course, I never did.
Last night around 8pm I opened my email to find I'd missed the payment deadline which was last Friday. OMG!!! And, that I'd needed to pay by 3pm yesterday to reserve my spot. Oh NO!!
This is incredibly embarrassing because I've been making a huge deal about how awesome it is that John is going to be teaching so close to RVA. How great it will be to carpool up there and actually represent RVA with a group of us at the workshop. I convinced a friend to challenge herself to do both mixed and int/adv with me (not a small price tag either) and on and on.... And now, I'm not going to be able to go? OH CRAP!!
I was embarrassed and totally annoyed with myself. REALLY? How could I let this slide. THIS of all things!
Luckily, Anusara is awesome. This morning I called Donna (who handles all things workshop) she pulled me up in the computer, took my payment over the phone and gladly assured me all was well. What was great about it too was that she didn't make me feel bad or even seem lightly annoyed that I was giving her this extra work to do. She seemed genuinely sweet and kind.
And that's what I love. I missed the deadline, I messed up. And yet, I'm granted a second chance, I haven't lost out and am not in big big trouble for it. This is a lovely organization. I'm happy to be a part of it.
And, I'm ready to ROCK with John in a few weeks!
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