Make Love Monday #13

Make Love Monday -- a mission to create a more loving world by being aware of how we interact with each other and choosing connection. Choose to connect with the offered practice sometime during the week and report back on how it goes.You've heard it a million times before, and it sounds a little crazy.. but I swear to you it can start to change your whole day.

Look into your own Eyes in the mirror and say "I Love You"
(Do it aloud) Watch your pupils dilate, feel a smile creep over your lips and a warmth spread through your body. It is a simple simple practice of putting the vibration of love --not hate and disappointment-- into the fabric of your cells. I tell you, it can change you. And if you're at all paying attention you'll notice, as you change everyone around you does too. So take a few minutes and try it today, no matter how weird it seems. I promise you'll feel better, I know I always do.