Keep Great Company

Ashaya Teacher Trainers from Left: Randy Boyd, Sarah Fischer, Todd Norian, Silver Kim, Janie Gunn and Mark Killion

Ashaya Teacher Trainers from Left: Randy Boyd, Sarah Fischer, Todd Norian, Silver Kim, Janie Gunn and Mark Killion

This weekend I spent time with the Ashaya Yoga Teacher Trainers, and the founder, Todd Norian, at a Trainer's retreat in New Jersey.   Each of us brings a unique vision and skill set to the table. Mark has the gift of inspiration and influence through his words. Randy has in-depth knowledge of anatomy and therapeutics, Janie is the "foot police", Silver holds the big visions, I bring play and coaching, and Todd is a living sage. Grace streams through him like a waterfall. All of us bring a love of our practice, a love of our craft of teaching, a dedication to Ashaya Yoga®, and most importantly, our Hearts.   

Most of our time was spent in session refining the 200-hour level training and mapping out forward motion for Ashaya.  It included heated debates, but it never got uncomfortable. It included lots of agreement and love too. The rest of the time we spent catching up as friend: swimming, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and practicing yoga and meditation.  

Each person brought such unique talent and presence.  Each person brought such spacious, loving respect for the others there.  Each person listened, heard, and reflected. And each person stood courageously in his or her Heart when taking a stand for what was important.

When I look at the gathering, I just feel so grateful.... AGAIN!  I feel like the people I was with were Great Company. When you are with Great Company you know it.  They uplift you and support you rather than pulling you down. They keep you honest and will not let you sink into your own drama, or compromise your integrity.

Great Company REFINES you.  

It strips away what is untrue.  

It strips away what is unnecessary.  

It builds up your Greatness. 

What is left when you have been with Great Company

Is the Truth of You.  

Every day you get to choose the people in your company.  Every day you have the opportunity to become Great Company yourself.  So look around and see who you most admire in your circle and move towards that person.  Look inward and see what you have to offer to the world. Not in some big, grand, organized way, but in simple easy ways.  Find your people, find your company, and serve them.

Douglas Brooks, one of the Tantra Scholars often says it this way:

You become the company you keep. So keep great company.

Contemplation: Who is one person in your life you would consider to be Great Company?  Who is one person you admire that you would like to add to your circle? I'd love to hear your answers in the comments or in an email: