On Abundance


A few weeks ago I went to Texas for the first time.  A short flight with the bumpiest landing I've ever experienced set me down in the Lone Star state for a quick visit with a life coach friend and others she collected.  It was a group of 7 highly vibrational women on an 1,100 acre ranch in Texas Hill country for 2 nights. No agenda other than stepping out of the mama, caretaker, space holder role and getting to know each other.  Yes!  

I spent the time in Texas soaking up women's wisdom on everything from food medicine, to spirit medicine, to circular leadership rather than hierarchical leadership.  Women whipped up cheese plates and mealtime feasts. We spent time laying out under the brightest stars I've seen in a long time and had coffee talk around the fire in the morning.  I felt incredibly lucky to be included.

By the time I headed to my plane on Monday morning, I was wide open, buzzing with the power of the women.  And I was exhausted, my introvert stores were used up. Maybe because I was so tired, my normal way of viewing the world couldn't apply.  I couldn't just take things for granted like I usually do.

I was gifted an incredible weekend of nourishment.   As I walked through the airport, I experienced a deep felt realization

I dwell in abundance

I DWELL in it.

The thing is I ALWAYS dwell in abundance to a degree and so do you.  I just usually forget.

To recognize abundance is to know it as a flow, an experience, and energetic signature - not a number on a bank account.  Anyone can experience the flow of abundance at any moment.  It is mostly a matter of whether you are paying attention to it and actively connecting with it.  

When you connect with abundance, you step out of taking your life for granted and into a place of recognition of all that is available to you in your life right now.  If you are reading this blog post, you are experiencing enough abundance to have connection to the internet, the ability to read and time to read a long blog. All of those things are abundance and are the kinds of things you might often take for granted.

Of course, a few days after I got home and back into my routines, the feeling of truly dwelling in abundance faded to a memory.  But I'm hopeful that it doesn't take another cross-country trip for me to reconnect to it. Abundance is a flow that is always available.  I just have to remember to stay open to it and then feel for it deep in my soul.

Want to play with the felt experience of abundance?  It's pretty easy to shift into the Abundant mindset. Take a moment to think of what has felt abundant in your life in the last 24 hours.  (I once asked this question of a coaching client and her answer was "puppies" - my favorite answer ever!) You can think of anything and everything from the most simple to the most profound.  The key is not to limit yourself but to list and list and list until you simply can't help smiling and noticing how profoundly gifted you are to be living your life right now. I'd love to hear yours.  Leave a few in the comments below.

On my list today:  clean air, clean water, green leaves, sunshine, rain, music, food, love, support...