A feeling of Completeness


On Tuesday I graduated from the seven-month Nature Based Life Coaching Training program offered by Sagefire Institute. I felt teary and proud and excited and calm all at once to be finishing up.

What I'm noticing as one of the most remarkable feelings I'm having leaving this program is a feeling of completeness. For years I've had a nagging feeling that I needed more information, that there was something missing. And I felt that that mysterious "something" was something I already knew deep in my bones but couldn't quite name or organize clearly. But it kept driving me to take classes and dive into programs or work with coaches or therapists. Something was missing.

Today, I feel like nothing is missing. 

Today, I feel that, though I can never possibly know and integrate EVERYTHING, I know what is absolutely essential and I know how to learn and challenge myself and fail well so that whatever it is that I need will reveal itself.

I've shifted from feeling like I need to be trained more into feeling like I'm READY. 

I'm finally ready to teach from a place of honoring what I do know and being open to what I don't. I'm ready to offer programs that incorporate layers of learning. I'm ready to promote my work in a clear way. I'm ready to SERVE... both in my personal life and my professional life. 

I will never stop learning. I will never stop having mentors and trying to go deeper. But the mystery has disappeared, nothing more is needed to finish my preparation.

Today, I feel complete.
Today, may I be of service.


Originally posted to Facebook