{Video} Naturally Aligned: Honor the Slump

In this video I share a quick tip for how to feel a little better on a day to day basis by lining up your energy with the energy that is naturally present in your body.  

Have you noticed that you have an energy dip in the late afternoon?  I call that "The Slump" What if, instead of seeing the slump as an issue you need to power through, you took the time to honor your body and take care of it in the late afternoon?


[vimeo 187847211 w=540 h=360]

I'd love to see you put this into action. Your action step is to do something ANYTHING to honor the slump the next time you feel it!

And I want to hear how it goes, leave a comment below and let me know how you are Honoring the Slump.

Elizabeth FuquaComment