Summer Yoga

Ah Summertime, that time when teaching yoga gets all sorts of weird in the studio because regulars go on vacation and absolute randoms who are on vacation drop-in to classes.  That time when class size is in constant flux and nothing seems predictable.  Last Sunday the class I prepared was not at all the class I taught due to the people who were in class.  It's fine.  It's an adventure, but I do miss the regulars when we go a while without seeing each other.But, something wonderful is happening this summer in my yoga teaching.  I've started my own little mini pop-up yoga classes outside of the studio.  Right above my garage is a lovely space that is meant to be my husband's office, but because it only has a desk and a small sofa in it, and it's only designed for WORK for my husband - he doesn't really like to be there.  And, because it only has a desk and a small sofa in it and is mostly open space - I absolutely LOVE to be there.  For me it says WORK too, but not the boring paperwork he has to do when he's there, but the fun practicing, messing around, writing, and now teaching work I get to do when I'm up there.

I've been teaching privates in The Birdhouse for a while.  (Because you're up in the trees you hear the birds so clearly, the best name for this place is definitely The Birdhouse).  And I've dreamed of teaching small groups, but never seemed to make it happen.  I started confessing all of the mental hang-ups about teaching up there to a few colleagues about a month ago.  Things like: release forms, scheduling, babysitting coverage, the 'right' number of students... and anything else I could think of to delay starting.  Finally, one of them looked at me and said: "I think you're over thinking the whole thing."  And that was what I needed to hear.

Of course I was over thinking the whole thing.  That's what I DO.  I get an awesome or fun idea,  it scares me, and I retreat into my brain to over think my way right out of stretching my comfort zone.  So, in fact, my comfort zone has gotten pretty small.  With that one suggestion from a friend I just decided to GO FOR it, worries and all.  It might turn out horribly.  It might be messy.  My kids might freak out and I might have to cancel on people at the last second.  Worse yet, it could happen that NOBODY SHOWS UP.  But even if that happened I'd end up with extra practice time for me and that's not a terrible situation to be in.  So a week or two later I got just a smidge braver and put it out there in email and on facebook that I would make these pop-up class things happen.

And now, two weeks ago and this morning around 11 am, four lovely ladies showed up to my house, came up into The Birdhouse and practiced their hearts out.  In my opinion, it has been awesome.  Maybe I haven't had the most polished classes for them, this is still an experiment, but I have had a lovely time feeling at home and totally FREE to teach as I'd like.  Not to mention, it's just a fun way to continue building community among these sweet girls.   And when we're done, I walk downstairs and into my own house to kiss my sweet babies.  Super cool.

So even if studio yoga is a wild ride this summer, Birdhouse yoga is a sweet treat.  Makes me happy! And what a great reminder to keep on stepping cautiously outside of my comfort zone.  Magical things can happen out here if I just give them a chance.