the Sweet Spot

On the theme of Quality Relationship I'm exploring this year, I share this note from my personal journal a few nights ago:"I am realizing that right now I am living in the sweet spot.  I have both my mother and my daughter.  My daughter is here under my very roof, and my mother is healthy, able-bodied, and just a phone call away.  She is not even the oldest generation because her mother lives yet.  This is the sweet time - my children are young babes, my parents are healthy, my husband is strong and loving.

Time will march on and shift all of this.  My children grow too fast already and my mother claims she is slowing down.  My preoccupation with 'getting things done' does not stop the progression of life no matter how much I try to cram into it.  A single breath and a lifetime is finished.

I am so grateful for this moment.  I am so grateful for my mother with her wisdom and worry.  And grateful for my child with her lightness and fire.  Grateful to be here as the link between them, holder of both their stories.  Pieces of the stories really.  Sandwiched between then, is my life, like a comfortable hug."

Yoga offers the teaching that all of it is impermanent.  Any spiritual teaching has to acknowledge that we are all eeking our way towards the ultimate surrender of death. As much as we love and cherish the people who live their lives alongside ours there is nothing we will hold onto when we finally cease to exist.  Nothing.  It is chilling and pretty depressing to think about - so I don't usually.

Sometimes though, if I can pause and look around I can recognize just as I did the other night, the magic that is in my life at a particular moment.  I cannot hold onto that moment for real, but can at least appreciate it and savor it so that when savasana finally comes for me I know the beauty and gifts that have been in my life all this time.  Otherwise why have I even been hanging around?

So the other night I  reminded myself:

"May I remember this sacred sweetness

May I remember I am caring for the woman who raised me

May I remember I am raising a woman"

May you too savor the gifts right in front of you in your life.