Remembering What's Important

I spent the weekend in teacher training with my dear friend Lila Pierce Brown.  She is leading the training and I am grateful for the opportunity to assist her.  This was our fourth weekend and it is absolutely an incredible learning experience and exercise in humility to step into the role of teacher of teachers.  I feel completely not qualified.  And so, I feel absolutely lucky to have Lila in my life and in the lives of the wonderful trainees we are working with for this session.This weekend we went deeper into some of the alignment principles and also delved into hands-on assisting with a three-hour workshop which was open to the public.  What struck me was something I tend to forget.

I forget how healing this alignment can be.  I forget that working in our bodies so deeply and clearly can heal us at a cellular level.  And that the physical healing can open pathways for emotional healing, mental growth, and spiritual health. When your body clicks into place, a smile spreads over your face and an "Ahhhhh" escapes your lips and suddenly the world is a wonderful and new place again.

I forget that.  And then, a teacher comes along and gives me an assist or asks me to shift in some way and I am powerfully opened and revealed to the world... more importantly I am revealed to MYself as my SELF.  This is magical

So the yoga practice is an act of alchemy.  An act of literally changing what feels leaden inside into liquid gold.  It becomes an act of transformation on the grossest level of my being that resonates into the most subtle bits until all of me is shifted somehow.

I'd like to remember consistently.  I'd really like to help other people experience this.. and that is certainly my learning curve within this training.  Ugh and it's a steep one.  But what I remind myself is: Anything I do to align with the greater flow of Shakti (life-force energy) within me is helping me move into the process of spiritual alchemy.  And anything I offer my students that helps them align with the greater flow of Shakti within them is also setting the stage for this kind of transformation.

Though I'd like them to disappear,  the cloaking, the forgetfulness, the tightness of a winter body also exist so that the joy and sparkle that come with the opening and transformation mark it as important, special, and Real.  If we never got cloaked and never forgot, then we'd never enjoy the moment of remembering.

Today I'm pausing to re-remember the incredible power of yoga.  May this remembering transform myself and my students.

What do you want to remember today?


Elizabeth FuquaComment