In recent weeks my interest in the music of Mumford & Sons has turned into a slight obsession.  My husband who is not a fan is not amused and is turning them off as often as I turn them on. But something in their lyrics and the amazing blend of traditional sounds with modern rhythm and themes is doing it for me.  They evoke Emotion.  And they hit at an Emotional moment for me this fall- the drive to my grandmother's funeral a few weeks ago.Into the woods and rural farmland of central Virginia I'm listening to Lover of the Light and imagining dance performances turned rock concerts with spontaneous flash mobs breaking out in the audience and everything ending in a crescendo of light and hugs all around.  If music moves me to dance and choreograph (in my head or otherwise) it is definitely striking a chord.

Coming in a few nights ago from teaching I had them on in the car again. (really the only place to listen in peace) I was struck with such gratitude for the members of the band for 1. writing the song 2. sharing it with me and everyone else and 3. not giving up.

I imagine there are things that come up in the lives of these band members that makes it "hard" for them to be in a band.  I imagine wives or girlfriends get angry or jealous at times.  Or that sometimes the creative juices aren't flowing.  Or sometimes they don't get along amongst themselves ... creative differences, insults, irritations, just even a bad day.  That probably makes it seem hard at moments to keep Going.

And.  I imagine in the beginning it was particularly hard.  Learning an instrument isn't the easiest thing to do.  They didn't know if they'd ever get heard or "make-it".  Probably they were turned down and possibly more than once.

I am so grateful they didn't let any bit of that stop them.  They touch me right into my heart.  If they had let themselves be stopped, something magical would be missing from my personal mythology.  And it could not be replicated or replaced.

Just imagine a world in which your favorite song had never been written.. or worse, HAD been written but never shared with you.  Imagine your favorite painting never hung for you to see.  Or a meal never cooked.  Book never published.  Words never spoken.  Something would be missing.

This, my friends, is why you must share your gift.  You cannot be replicated.  You cannot be replaced.  You cannot, therefore, let yourself be stopped from getting your gift to those people who need it most - be it your family, your friends, the world, or maybe just a few cats in the back alley.  Don't let anything stop you.  The world needs what you have to offer, it is why you are here.  It is never too late.  You have something magical in your back pocket.  Let it shine!

dig it:I will Wait

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