Moments.  Really random and unexplainable moments sometimes happen when a random cluster of ideas and thoughts and recommendations all come together to a single point.

I had tea this morning with some yoga ladies to start to discuss some reading we've been doing.  I was second to arrive and the first person there is a woman I"m just beginning to get to know.  She stood and said "I just feel like I want to give you a hug, is that ok?"  and it was fine.

Then our connection rolled forward.  Both in a pink top of almost the same shade.  Both wearing our hamsa earrings.  Then she started talking about a woman who wants to come to town to teach the 5 Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth - and wouldn't you know it, not 20 minutes earlier I'd come across the recommendation for a book by Gabrielle Roth called: Sweat your Prayers and was even just contemplating how I could start to incorporate a 5 rhythms practice into my life.  By the time the conversation was winding down we were planning a road trip to sample 5 rhythms together.

I often forget to ask for moments of synchronicity.  And then sometimes I DO ask but then I forget to look for them and see them.  This one seemed particularly blaring this morning, and I'm grateful.  I feel like she gave me such inspiration and pointing into the direction I want to move at least some of my movement practices (free-spirited, uninhibited DANCE yo!)

And then I offered to her a gem of a gift as well.  Just the perfect phrase to use as she enters into the difficult situation of having a business relationship that began as a friendship.

I think the hug was warranted today.

I'm so grateful for these synchronized moments when just the right thought or suggestion materializes without even asking for it.  So, I thought I'd share and see... are you experiencing any synchronicities in your life these days?

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