The other part


Ok, that might be one of my favorite scenes in a movie, ever.  It's just so beautiful, isn't it?

In my little hiatus from the mat, I've been kind of whiny I have to say.  None of my normal ways of expressing myself have been available.  My kitchen is destroyed - so no cooking,  I was sickish - so no yoga or dance, and my craft stuff is buried deep in my basement under all the kitchen stuff - so no sewing.  I felt a bit stifled creatively.

And then, I saw my piano.  And my piano books from high school.  It has been perfect!  It's so easy because I don't need anything else, I just sit down at any moment, and my family has been tolerating my missed notes (all 5,000 of them) quite well.

One thing I've loved is that I never played Clair de Lune (the song in the above clip) when I was in high school.  It's a totally new number to me.  But it is so beautiful and relatively easy.  So I've been able to pick it up quickly.  It's super satisfying.

One way to work with a piano piece that I'm learning is to separate the hands.  So the other afternoon I was working with some of the huge chords in the right hand where the melody is and then decided to switch over to the left.

I thought the left would just be basic set up chords but when I separated it out, I found the melody mirrored quite blatantly in the left.  I wouldn't even have to play the right hand and still the beautiful song came through.   I was completely surprised and happy at my discovery.  And it enhances my playing as now I can try to bring out the melody in both left and right hands when I play them together.

It relates to yoga.... um.  I think this is how the One is.  Hidden in plain sight.  There, in everything,  just beneath the surface.  When I take a moment to clear the mental clutter I find the One.  When I take a moment to clear the emotional clutter I find the One.  When I have the time to clear the physical clutter I find the One.  Always there, just beneath the surface of awareness.

Maybe one day I'll live in that state of total awareness of Oneness all the time.  But until then I do like the delight of remembering time and time again.  The happiness of finding not dissonance but beautiful music just under the surface of my reality.

Time to practice again.

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