I'm really taking humor in the last post about timing.  Timing truly is everything.  I could've written that post a few days later and it would've been even more amazing to me.

At the moment I'm experiencing a whirlwind of Abundance.  And I just keep inviting myself to say Yes.  This is the path of affirmation of everything.  Yes to everything.  This does not mean LIKING everything and allowing everything to continue as it is... but just saying 'yes X is happening'.  Somehow that saying yes is ultimately quite freeing.  Once I allow something to exist I have freedom to choose how to deal with it.  how lovely.

This evening I'm sitting at the beach while my daughter sleeps.  My husband is at home packing more boxes.  Movers arrive on Friday and Babe and I go home on Saturday to the new house instead of the old.  Simultaneously builders demolish a garage and begin working on a new one, and the kitchen guys wanted to come on Friday... will be put off to Monday.  Sunday morning I'll roll out of bed to my mat to teach something to the lovely people I am delighted to see each week.

The world of mine is in a state of total chaotic flux.  and so strangely I'm totally fine.  I'm chill and relaxed.  I'm happy I practice and I'm happy I meditate.  I'm happy I have friends and family who give support in times like this.

I'm just saying Yes and going from there.

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