Magic of 3

This is what I have to say.  In person is where it's at.  In front of a screen or by text or by phone are poor substitutes.  (at least, though by phone you're having a real time interaction).

This week I've been doing a bunch of Yogaglo classes.  Something about the 100+ degree heat made it impossible for my body/mind organism to feel capable of spontaneously coming up with my own practices.  Something about the heat also made me feel like I was in desperate need of connection.  I needed someone else to tell me what to do.  I needed to hear and feel someone else in the room with me as I meandered through the poses.  I needed a lot of ME to fight the loneliness of being un-alone with my 3 year old all week.

The classes were great.  (I'm particular to Marc Holzman and Tara Judelle right now).  My body thanked me for every single moment I applied the UPAs to it with deep love. And I was truly happy to have a skilled teacher in my studio space for 90 minutes more than once this week.


Something was missing.  I turned off the practice and it was done.  Over.  No after class conversation, no personal connection or hug for to the teacher in gratitude for the revelation. Dead empty nothingness.  Feeling even more dull because of the lack of screen flicker.

There is a magic that exists when we're in the room together.  Lila taught it recently as the mysterious 3rd entity.  There's you.  There's me.  And there's the magic between us.  (Shiva/Shakti, Divine Grace, biomagnetic field, whatever).  But it's there, no mistaking.

It's what's missing right now. Real honest to goodness messy-as-all-get-out human contact.  Well, it's missing in my life.

I've been craving my teachers lately.  They're pretty silent in the cyber world.  They do have a website and facebook, but they don't blog or have teleconferences or anything.  I love the newsletters.  But being in the room with them - it's like being washed in Grace.  Or with Lila last time she came, the morning after a long soul revealing conversation I awoke to clear skin, sparkling eyes, and comments that I was 'goddess-like.'

She would by no means call herself a master.  But she's further along than I am, more deeply steeped.  And it literally rubs off from her, from them.  I am shined up by being with them.

Right now, I'm missing that, and being here in front of the screen just isn't giving me the same glow.

The magic of 3.  You Me Grace.  It's important.