About "Give Love"

Here's what I've been thinking:
It seems to me that many of us "get it." At least, many of the people around me, the so called "awake" peeps we GET IT that LOVE is the answer. Whatever the question LOVE is the answer. Everything we say is either an appeal for love or an offering of love. Every problem in this world might even be solved through the application of a heaping dose of love. Love fixes all situations. Love Love Love. Yes. This I get. And I may be a utopian dreamer but when everyone in the world GETS IT - the power of love vs the love of power etc. - this world will be absolutely transformed.
Yoga got me here. Particularly, Anusara yoga with Todd and Ann.
And so when I graduated teacher training this was my thought: "Give Love" just go out and pour it out. And when I asked at a Kula Jam recently "What is your intention?" the answers came back "spread joy" "share love" etc.
Obviously, we get it.
I think it's the HOW that is tripping us up. HOW do you Give LOVE? I mean, really, for real... how do you truly let someone know they are loved? I am so inspired and filled with love for everyone around me and yet something gets in the way of me pouring it out from the fountain that is pretty much never ending on the inside.
Coaching is getting me here.
Buying and making and doing for others does work to an extent. I think service to humanity in any form is an important way of giving love. But buying, making, doing for my friends and family is not deep down letting the people around me know how much I care about them. Here is what IS letting them know:
paying attention to them.
making the time
hearing how important their situation is to them
offering my opinion in a kind way
releasing my judgements of them
releasing blame and obligation
saying I'm sorry
showing respect
revealing myself (particularly revealing my imperfections/and therefore allowing for theirs)
touching them
thanking them
and of course, telling them in a very real way that I see them and I love all that I see
It appears to be time and intangibles that let people know most of all. holding the space for the person to be who they are, as they are, in that moment. And then just loving that person in that moment. (Hard as it is sometimes)
I think I'll be unpacking and exploring some of these ideas in the next few weeks. but it's important you know. once you get it... how do you DO it. because if you just get it and keep it to yourself, it's kind of like you didn't get it at all. not if it doesn't make a difference to anyone else. and if it doesn't make a difference to anyone else, how will it be reflected back to you and if it hasn't been reflected back to you how will you remember to 'get it' and 'feel it' again. it might just be lost.
Go out Give Love. Let me know how you do it.
Elizabeth FuquaComment