THIS I believe

I Believe in the power of Love

I believe the way we treat each other matters
I believe the way we speak to each other matters
I believe the way we think and think about each other matters
I believe we have the power to shift each other to the positive or negative in an instant
I believe in looking for the positive, and on the bright side, without ignoring the shadow
I believe in empowering children
I believe in taking only what we need
I believe in giving and serving
I believe in starting at home, on the inside, with Me
I believe the way we treat strangers has an impact we may never see or know but could be profound
I believe Healing is possible and real -- and doesn't necessarily happen medically
I believe the way we birth our children and care for new mothers says a lot about us and is very important
I believe in patience and compassion
I believe in Radical Acceptance
I believe in forgiveness, making amends, and saying "I'm sorry"
I believe in letting people, encouraging people actually to be WHO they ARE and bring out their best
I believe in the healing power of touch
I believe in taking responsibility
I believe in the importance of silence
I believe in singing out loud and dancing with exuberance and soul
I believe the world can change and heal
I believe in cooperation and compassion rather than competition
I believe in following my Heart
I believe in saying Thank-You
I believe babies should be held, children should be held, adults and elders should be held
I believe the body, mind, heart and spirit are intimately linked and if you change one part you change every part
I believe a hug can really make a difference
I believe in working with total passion and commitment
I believe all of life is intricately connected
I believe in the power of community and that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts
I believe you are made of Love, and I am too,
I believe in the power of Love.
What will you add?
Elizabeth FuquaComment