What cher gonna get

You may have noticed a recent addition to the sidebar.... I've got a workshop coming up on Sunday. It's going to be a shortened sweetened version of the Diamond Power Focal Point workshop I offered in the Summer of 2010.

Because I've given this workshop before I feel good about it and I know what I'm doing. But, this time will be at a local health club - a different audience than my regulars at the studio. I love this crew, so I'm excited to share with them.
I spent some time this afternoon collecting my thoughts and tweaking the presentation to make it just right. It helps me to really get into planning workshops and classes if I think about what I want the experience to be like for the participants. (or, what would I like to get out of this workshop if I got to take it?)
This is what I hope the students will come away feeling after the workshop on Sunday:
  • Physically powerful
  • Empowered physically, emotionally, spiritually to use their own knowledge of their own bodies in their own practices and lives
  • Expansive - Bigger - a wider reach
  • Steady and that their balance is improved
  • Like they have special insider knowledge - that they're in on something important they can use at anytime
  • That they are capable of putting this knowledge into action in any class
  • Excited
  • Worked -out
  • Relaxed
  • Joyful
  • Connected - to each other, to their bodies
The main point I want to establish is that when we are strong on the inside, the outside of our bodies doesn't have to grip or work so hard. That is, when you are inwardly strong, you don't have to look outside for support.
It's plenty to accomplish in 2 hours, so we'll see what I can do. The sequence will include plenty of time to explore each focal point, and some backbending to open up to a little more joy (who doesn't need that?)
If you're around and interested in coming out call 804 - 378 - 1600 to register. (follow the link on the sidebar for the details)
Hope to see you on Sunday!
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