Media Fast

Silence around here lately, I know. Not that I haven't been thinking and practicing and processing. All of those things are continuing (some more than others). But this week is my daughter's spring break from preschool and it's been a time to step back from the world a little bit and sync up with her.

I also decided to take a little downtime from media. I've cut back on email, facebook, television, even books, magazines, podcasts, and music. A bit of a media fast. I find that I get very fixed on gathering information from outside sources. I go so deep into gathering, that I forget to listen to my own Source. I forget to take the time to not only input information, but to chew on it, integrate it, or remember it. I can read something and immediately forget it because I've already moved on to the next thing. Plus, if I'm always going in in in there's never any time for out out out. I have to make a little more space to output in the form of journalling, or artmaking or dancing.
So at the moment, a media fast. A clearing of sorts of my mental space. Or at least, if not clearing an opening up of the inner vault without needing to cram anything else in. My mind is sort of thanking me. It has a lot to say, but I feel that's healthy.
I'm not totally cutting myself off from the Blog during this time though. I figure the blog is output. But, I am stepping back from the computer when I can. So forgive if shares are light. I will return eventually. When I have something more to say.
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