NOW is the time.

(Babe sledding down the sidewalk on the snowboard)
February is the time of year when I start whining about my life. In general, when I reach February I'm all sorts of strung out on too much to do, not enough joy, and way too many carbs and sugar. I have the tendency to overwork myself and not stop to enjoy the process along the way. It's a known flaw. I'm trying to wake up to it.
So last Monday I was in the throws of February woes when we had a little mini-snow day here. We usually get a small snow at least once a year, but with the mild weather this year I thought we might not get anything. But, lucky us, on Sunday the snow started to fall and by Monday we had a few good inches on the sidewalk and in the grass. It was just enough to play with but not enough to slow anybody down out there.
My daughter has been wishing and hoping for snow all winter. Desperately she's been wanting the snow to come. Monday morning was her dream come true. After breakfast I bundled her and my husband up and out the door to 'go play in it' while I cleaned up our dishes. My mind raced with ideas of how to spend the unplanned for quiet time in the house: maybe I could get in a morning practice, do a little blogging, laundry, vacuum... etc.
And then I looked out the window and saw the tiny little igloo they were making. I dropped the dishes, dirty as they were, ran upstairs for a warm hat and rushed out to join them. Babe will only be 3 this year. Babe will only enjoy the snow as a 3 year old at this moment. And the snow will only last a few hours I reminded myself. The dishes can wait.
I'm so glad I went out. I got to see all of her dreams come true: an igloo, a snow angel, throwing snowballs at daddy and me, sledding (on our snowboard) down the street, and even hot chocolate when we came back inside.
We are so quick to forget it, but, the moment is now. Live right now and don't miss out. If I hadn't gone out I would've missed all the fun and I wouldn't have the memory of holding her tiny hand while she marched through the snow that probably felt like it was halfway up her belly, or of her sweet laugh of delight when she slid down the tiny hill in our front yard.
The yoga of my life keeps trying to teach me this and I keep trying to push it away until later, but NOW is the time. And NOW is always the time. Whether it be in a posture or in an embrace or in a conflict or whatever, NOW is the time. Do what you will.
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