It appears to be a bit of a moot point now, but as of this morning I have officially resigned from participation in Anusara, Inc.
In the past few days the voice of my own Heart has grown so loud that I cannot deny it. Many many outside reasons and influences gave weight to this decision: notably the resignations of Lila, Todd, and just about every single other Certified or Inspired teacher I'd ever studied under. But more importantly, enough questions were raised about myself as a member of Anusara, or any structured system that I simply cannot stay any more.
I offer such deep gratitude to John Friend, specifically for his vision, passion, and efforts to bring forward the incredible teachings of the Universal Principles of Alignment, and for yoking them to Tantric philosophy. I wish him healing at the deepest of levels.
I offer profound gratitude to Todd, Lila, and the other incredible teachers I have encountered live and via the web. Your voices, guidance, integrity, and huge hearts teach me much. And I am blessed to be with you now as a new community forms in the wake of Anusara.
I offer deep deep gratitude to any and all students/friends who have taken class with me through the years. Particularly those who have joined in a sense of deeper community. I sincerely hope the community of the Heart we choose to build together in Richmond (and beyond) will only become stronger through this transformation.
And I am grateful for those of you who choose to stop in on this blog from time to time. May this community of wisdom continue to grow in conversation.
For me as I step away, one thing it comes down to power and authority. Who is the authority and power figure in my life? i am. Who is the spiritual power and authority in my life? I AM.
When I listen to my Heart I know this to be true. When I listen to my Heart all is well in the world. When I listen to my Heart I feel liberated, powerful, and in deep integrity with the Universe.
With every ending, a new beginning. Today I look back and simultaneously step forward.
to all beings everywhere: The light in me bows to the light in you. Namaste
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