What is....

Here is what I know....

Get on your mat and you feel better.
Be in community and you feel better.
Sit down and get quiet and you feel better. And if it's outside you doubly feel better.
Even in the midst of upheaval and the world turning upside down, Life feels better when the heart is anchored.
Did you ever watch the documentary Ashtanga, NY. It's about Pattabhi Jois's visit to NYC which happened to coincide with the attack on the World Trade Center. He was there. And you know what he did? He just kept on practicing, kept on teaching and practicing. And more students than ever came to their mats to be with him. Because, in times of chaos the practice remains. In times of beauty, happiness, ultimate BLISS the practice is there. In times of ugliness, questioning, challenge - the practice is there. In times of beauty happiness and bliss the community exists outside and within... and so in challenge too the community exists outside and within.
A friend recently said something to the same effect... that it's easy to get spun up in all that is of the world, especially when I'm spending more time on the internet than on my mat.... but coming to class reminds her, reminds me, reminds all of us. This is OK. I, personally, am OK. And look, here is a community of beautifully imperfect people all striving just like me to make sense of a world that is changing faster than ever.
So, in times of challenge this is what I think: Hug your kula. Hug yourself. Hug your Heart, go deep and BREATHE.
Elizabeth FuquaComment