7 for Spring!

I counted it out... there are seven more Mondays until the Equinox when Spring officially begins. In my opinion, it can't come fast enough. I know this winter has been extremely mild (it's almost 70 degrees here today), but February always seems to drag me down.
To keep our spirits up and our practice up during the doldrums of the year, I'm putting out a little challenge:
Seven for Spring
  1. Pick your Seven top feel-good poses. These should be poses that never fail to make you feel good. Poses that inspire or challenge you. That put you in an awesome mood. I also suggest that they be active (not restorative) so that you're also activating your energy when you practice. Maybe choose something you don't always practice but you find fun!
  2. Make a randomly numbered list of them.
  3. Add your numbered list to the comments of this post... or email it to me, and include if you're going to blog along about it. And keep a copy of the list for yourself.
Each Monday from now until Spring I will choose a random number 1-7 and post it here and on facebook. That is your party pose for the week. Your job is to put that pose into every practice you do that week. You can post how it's going in responses to posts here or you can post them on my facebook page.... even email or facebook a photo of the pose.
At the end of the seven weeks you won't win a prize or anything. BUT spring will be here, your practice will have kept up during the month of February (not a small feat for me). And, you may just inspire and be inspired by the others who practice along.
Sound good?
We'll officially start on Monday February 6th, but you can join in at any time. I'll keep a running list of poses on the side of this page. Just practice right along! Enjoy!
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