Planting New Seeds

the paperwhite in our kitchen window
Here's how it went down:
I was inspired. I was psyched-up and excited. I got myself on the hook.
[months passed]
I freaked. I got nervous. I filled myself with doubt. I tried to avoid it. I did not publicize.
I stopped. I gave myself the time and space I needed. I went back to inspiration. I visioned. I GOT TO WORK. I prepared. I Opened the heck to Grace.
I went to bed early.
I chanted. I warmed-up. I asked Blessings. I saw 25 expectant faces. I got intimidated. I remembered my preparation. I remembered my Highest vision. I Opened to Grace [continuously]
I spoke with the voice of knowledge and wisdom that lives in my heart. I inspired. I guided. I shifted people. I awoke to a new day. I was filled with gratitude.
I stepped up a notch.
I reset my own bar.
I am proud.
Elizabeth FuquaComment