Written in the stars

I found myself recently feeling a little hum-drum, run-of-the-mill, boring, underwhelming and not very special. It was bumming me out. Then a week or so ago I had my astrology chart read for the first time (and I know that may take me into the woo-woo category, but bear with me, it was a lot of fun). For the reading she took my birthdate, time, and location and then looked at the view of the stars for the exact time and location of my birth. Then she proceeded to tell me all about myself with incredible accuracy. She told me things I may have difficulty with and also what comes easy.. then she told me what my own special and unique gifts are, as written in the stars.

It was quite fun!

I realized afterwards that this experience reminded me and affirmed me as a unique Being on the planet. The remembrance of my own uniqueness made me feel so good!

The thing is, this yoga teaches us that we are all unique, we are all individuals with special gifts and ways of being in the world, that we are meant to share. It also makes space for the fact that we are human and we quite literally and often FORGET.

So we do the practice of yoga as a way to remember our own special uniqueness. You are a creation of Life, (the DIVINE), and you are the only YOU there will ever be.

During our practice we literally embrace ourselves and hug in with the quality of Muscular Energy in order to remember and honor all of our individual specialness as creations of the Divine. Self-honoring takes us deep into our hearts - the place where the Life Force pulses. When we connect there, our gifts grow and our inner light is expanded... the feeling from that? well, it’s delightful.

Elizabeth FuquaComment