Just can't Stop!!

Once again, I'll call your attention to a beautiful Anusara yoga teacher on the cover of Yoga Journal. I told my husband that Elena Brower was on the cover and his reaction was: 1. why do I know that name? and 2. ANOTHER Anusara teacher? -- I have to say, that speaks volumes because my husband is decidedly NOT a yoga guy but could tell you anything you want to know about BMWs...

There she is, Beautiful, Vibrant, RADIANT Elena Brower out of NYC but found all over the world these days, I think.

I have to admit, I seriously adore her. At the moment, in many ways, she's sort-of my yoga idol... and I'm amazed at that because I've never had one before. As today is her birthday I figured I'd comment on some of the ways she rocks:
  • She tells it like it is. All the time. And she's been doing that for a long long time
  • She makes Anusara her own
  • When I took class with her at the Grand Circle she took the time to 1. learn each and every students' name and 2. thank all the people who were over her age of 40 for even listening to anything she had to say
  • The next day after class at the Grand Circle she took the time to wave and greet me individually as I walked into a different class.
  • She has a vibrance and radiant light that is apparent even via the internet
  • She is a Woman and a Mother
  • And she openly talks about the journey that Handel Group life coaching took her on and how it has transformed her life.
I want to be like that in my life on the mat and off. I want to be authentic and radiant in my authenticity. Brilliant in my knowledge and practice while kind and attentive of heart. I am in awe and inspired by her on so many levels which I think is a good thing. I'm happy actually to have a positive woman role model in the world of Yoga. Glad she is standing up and becoming a leader so that the rest of us can do it for ourselves too. So, Happy Birthday Elena -- Keep shining the goodness!!
Who do you Admire in your own work or play???
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