Committed to Joy

I've been teaching this week from a different space of mind/heart. I'm not sure what exactly made the shift come, but it's there and I'm enjoying it and also feeling more effective... so I'll definitely not complain. Thing is, it makes me really really happy to teach and especially to teach from my authentic heart. REALLY HAPPY!
As I was planning for my new beginner class this week I was thinking about using Commitment as our focus. That as inspiration to come to the midline and stay there. But then I thought, well, why do we want to commit? What are we really committing to in asana practice? What can a beginner grasp as something worth committing energy to the midline? And the answer became abundantly clear: Happiness. Joy. Delight. Ananda.
We hug in with greater and greater commitment to the place in the middle where the Joy lives!
I've taught commitment theme before and gotten great results from students, but adding in the Joy piece took it to a new level. Now we're not just committing to practice committing but also to bring ourselves into greater alignment with our hearts and that (for me at least) equals greater and greater happiness.
Todd says Happiness is an Inside Job. And I'm inclined to agree. The more I stay committed to listening to my own inner wisdom, the wisdom of my body and heart; the more I stay committed to shutting down the ISBC; the more I stay committed to following Grace wherever she may lead... The more blissful I become.
So that's the challenge.. Find what makes you happy, and commit to that. No one else will do it for you, commit and see what happens.
Love, Ya'll.
Elizabeth FuquaComment