Make Love Monday #11

Make Love Monday -- a mission to create a more loving world by being aware of how we interact with each other and choosing connection. Choose to connect with the offered practice sometime during the week and report back on how it goes.

This week it's all in the eyes. I've noticed lately that often the people who are providing me with a service (like the man at the grocery store, or the waitstaff at the restaurant) don't make much eye contact. It's like they're too busy to really notice me. In response I don't care to notice them all that much and we kind of ignore each other and let a moment that could have been a nice connection between two people go to waste.
So today's MLM is simple and quick:
Make Eye Contact
Do it with everyone from your cat to your kid to the person who is helping you with whatever you need. Notice who is able to make eye contact back and who can't quite do it. Also, notice if it helps to shift your interactions. For me I'm finding if I take the time to just simply look someone in the eye the whole conversation has the potential to open us both up for connection rather than disconnection.
Let me know, ya'll!