Hug the Light

It's time to shift again. Autumn Equinox is upon us. And, as I mentioned in the last post, I'm feeling the transition full force in my life. Something about the arrival of Autumn tends to want to take me on a wicked spiral into the darkness many months before Kali even officially arrives for Winter Solstice. Such is life some days.

Today I was practicing -- because you know, practice helps keep the darkness at bay. Wolves and vampires too -- practicing with John (by video) and I just remembered the last time I was with him. It was for Summer Solstice. The brightest, most radiant, light-filled day of the year. And on that day it was, as he likes to say, resplendent with light, not a cloud in the sky.
He coached us to call up our positive visions. To set our intentions clearly and to fully embrace the light, because it was the turning point towards darkness.
That reminder came to mind as I moved into the dark creaky spaces of my hips this afternoon. I remember my Highest vision -- the image I lovingly burned into my consciousness on that morning in June. And I hold on true.
We've been moving slowly but surely into darkness every moment since that day. But Autumn Equinox is the tipping point. Now the darkness starts to win a little more time each day. So now is the time to really hug the light.
Remember the Highest vision of your heart. Remember your Highest, Honor your Highest and delight in what is revealed each time you turn again to the light.
I am breathing a sweet sigh of relief today as the darkness backs off her pull on me. "Be the Light" he said to me in 2007. And, John, that's just what I'm doing.
Elizabeth FuquaComment