Make Love Monday #9

Make Love Monday -- a mission to create a more loving world by being aware of how we interact with each other and choosing connection. Choose to connect with the offered practice sometime during the week and report back on how it goes.

Are you at all taking it easy this Labor Day Monday? If you're anything like me, my family, or all my friends on facebook, you're not slowing down one bit even if you have the day off from work. But, isn't it the point of Labor Day to actually STOP from your labors and relax?
With that in mind, this week's MLM is designed to help you do just that. So, this week, sit down relax and take a few minutes to:
Rub your feet

and then even share the love by rubbing someone else's feet if you are inspired.
At one of the workshops John gave recently he talked about how our tension can be greatly relieved if we just stop and give our feet a little rub. He said that people always ask to have their shoulders and necks rubbed, but if you start on the feet the relaxation will travel the length of your body and your entire system will feel better.
I hope you take the time to do it at some point in the next 7 days, even if you're too busy to get to it today. Enjoy!
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