In and Out and Up and Down

'Eventually, everything that has an opposite, will give way to its opposite'... so Hareesh said while we were gathered for the Grand Circle in June.
It's true. It's happening all the time
Last night I taught on actively bringing Luck into your life (and "luck" was my code word for blessings, because some people aren't super down with being Blessed --like my husband for example). Anyway, it came out of an amazing past few days. I had the best past few days. Great classes, great practices, great meditation, great weather, great food, great time with my daughter and husband and best friend, and time to do just exactly what I want to do. Ah. I truly looked around yesterday and said 'I am SO Blessed'
and then I woke up this morning. I was exhausted, I was an hour late waking up so I rushed my meditation practice, I had to take my daughter to get vaccinated before she can go to school (so that's always fun), I spent the morning eating crappy food, fighting traffic, and being pulled out of center, asana practice didn't solve anything and neither did my time on the internet (go figure). Finally a sweet walk at the end of the day helped to settle the whirlwind of dust. It wasn't a horrible day by any means. It just wasn't a day that felt particularly AWESOME or connected to anything Higher.
And that's the thing. I'm always flipping back and forth --falling down and off the wagon. But I make a choice to try again and not to dissolve into the yummy chocolate ice cream we made yesterday. Not to think that I'll never feel so connected again. The beauty of the path is that days like yesterday are revealed to remind us that THAT is our essence nature, that is who we are and that those magic Grace-filled days really are possible. They are there to remind us when these not so wonderous days do happen that there is something more worth striving picking ourselves up for.
I felt awkward yesterday, saying to the class of students who may have been in any place emotionally: "I am having a GREAT day!" But my goodness, if I don't stop, recognize and celebrate them when they come... these awesome days probably won't happen so much. And maybe a little of my magic rubbed off on them too. Or not, and that's ok. We can just know that whatever side of the coin we're on... we'll soon be visiting the other... and then back again.
That's why it's a path not a destination.


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