Life Coaching -- yeah, i'm doing that too

Well - I outed myself this morning to my Sunday class that I've been doing the ubiquitous Handel Group life coaching since June. It pretty much rules. And now that it's out on the blogosphere I'm sure you'll be hearing much more about it in the weeks and months to come.
Anyhoo. I thought I'd share, for those who may be interested, that there is a teleseminar coming up this Wednesday 8/17 with Laurie Gerber of Handel and my friend from immersion, Katie Myer talking about the coaching process and about moving yourself forward. I'm finding the benefit in the coaching, I think my family are finding the benefit in my coaching, I think my students are finding the benefit in the coaching,... so I figure I should share. The nice thing is this is an affordable way to be introduced to their system. The description is below... and NOTE the 50% off with the code: yogakatie, that will mean it will only cost $10. So worth it for the hour of your time that just might start the shift you've been waiting for.

Enjoy the description, and let me know if you try it out. I'll be interested in hearing how it strikes you!

Did you ever wonder how YOU could be the person you always wanted to be? This teleseminar is like a tasting menu of a gourmet dinner. On the menu: how to pinpoint your dreams, how to stop sabotaging yourself with excuses, and how to get yourself to do what you know you should do. We will serve it up with a helping of this question: Did you know you can change your habits and even your personality once you figure out what’s really important to you, and learn the tools to get your heart, mind and body in alignment? President of Handel Group™ Life Coaching, Laurie Gerber will lead this hour-long exploration into aligning our heart, mind and body with special guest Katie Myer, an Anusara-Inspired™ yoga teacher. This is also a great way to explore our flagship program: The Life Coaching Crash Course.

Wednesday, August 17th
8:30-9:30pm ET Teleseminar
$20 (use code "YOGAKATIE" for 50% off!)

Register Here:



As President and Senior Life Coach with Handel Group Life Coaching, Laurie Gerber passionately oversees the whole company engaged in creating personal and breakthroughs with clients all over the world. Whether it’s finding a job you love, fixing your relationship, dropping excess weight or simply being ready for the next exciting chapter in life, the work you do at HGLC provides immediate inspiration, serious results and lasting knowledge.

Katie Myer, RYT-200, is an Anusara-Inspired™ yoga teacher committed to helping you create the life you love. Katie approaches yoga from both an intellectual and creative perspective, infusing her classes with mindfulness, a playful spirit and a connection to the heart. Anusara yoga has helped Katie uncover her most joyful, most authentic version of herself; her classes inspire others to consciously reveal their most authentic selves, while having a blast on the mat. Katie’s teaching is informed by her recovery from a back injury using the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment™, and she delights in empowering students to free themselves from pain. Katie’s thirst for knowledge drives her to advance her understanding of yoga through regular studies with senior Anusara teachers. She is thankful for their unbounded generosity in sharing the gift of yoga. Learn more about Katie at

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