Make Love Monday #6

Make Love Monday -- a mission to create a more loving world by being aware of how we interact with each other and choosing connection. Choose to connect with the offered practice sometime during the week and report back on how it goes.

This week's MLM is super important and came out of my weekend's activity. This weekend my sister and mother came to town to hostess a bridal shower for my sister-in-law to be. It was a lovely time of gathering our families together with a few friends to honor and acknowledge J. as she makes this transition. It reminds me how important it is to mark events, big and small, with some loving pause. With that in mind, this week's MLM is:
Certainly big events like babies and weddings and new jobs are cause for celebration, but smaller events can be too. Starting a new school, a child losing a tooth, mastery of a new skill or pose could be just a few. Even cleaning out the basement is a cause for celebration at my house! Anodea Judith lists Celebration as one of the seven ways we as individuals can contribute to a global opening of hearts that will bring humanity to a new level of awareness... from 'the love of power, to the power of love' and if that isn't cause enough to celebrate as often as possible, I don't know what is!
So, your MLM assignment for the week is to look for something to celebrate in yourself or someone else, no matter how small and DO IT!
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