Welcome to coaching! I am excited to work with you.  And I am deeply honored to witness and support you as you create the changes in your life that will help you align more clearly with your inner guidance - your Heart.  This letter details the nuts and bolts policies for coaching with me and outlines your responsibilities as a client.  You are on a great journey!



Each phone session will be 60 minutes in duration and is to be scheduled at least seven (7) days in advance if possible.  At the scheduled time, I will call you unless we arrange otherwise.  

I will be in a quiet environment, free from distraction.  You may choose to be coached from anywhere. But being coached in a public place, or in a noisy environment may seriously limit the effectiveness of the call.  I will not coach you while you are driving.  If you need to be driving a vehicle during the call you must pull over for the duration or we will need to reschedule the call.  The cancellation fee will apply, please plan accordingly.



The relationship we build is important to me.  I am always happy to hear from and to support my clients. I am available by email at:  I read email once daily Monday -Friday and will respond when appropriate.  I do not read or reply to email on the weekends or on holidays. You are free to message me during those days and I will read it on the next business day.  I ask that you do not attempt to contact me via phone or text but instead use email or make notes for our next session.  



Payment is due prior to the start of each phone session.  This means each session will be accompanied by full payment unless other arrangements have been made prior to this visit.  Your fee for coaching is $65 per session or $240 for 4 sessions.  You will receive an invoice from Sarah Fischer, LLC via email.  If you prefer to pay by check please let me know and I will give you mailing information.  Checks should be made out to Sarah Fischer, LLC.



I am committed to keeping all contacts, information, and records confidential.  Confidentiality may be broken in instance where it appears you may be in danger of harming yourself or another person or if court ordered by a judge.  Occasionally, I may share information with other coaches for training and feedback purposes; however the client, along with other identifying information will always remain anonymous.



Please email to cancel at least 24 hours in advance or the full amount of a missed appointment fee will be charged.  I understand that emergencies do happen that may keep you from attending a session. In the case of an emergency (serious illness, hospitalization, serious accident, death in the family) please email me as soon as possible and the situation will be assessed on a case by case basis.  



Coaching services are not in any way to be construed as or as a replacement for psychotherapy, legal counsel, or medical advice.  Please seek the guidance of these professionals whenever you feel the need.  If I believe it is in your best interest to seek the assistance of other specialists, I will advise you of this.  



Please review the following and indicate your agreement with these terms by clicking the box below.

  1. I understand that coaching is not advice-giving, psychotherapy or counseling. I agree to seek these or other professional services if needed.

  2. I am fully responsible for the decisions and actions I take with regard to my life and affairs

  3. I agree to be mindful of my own well-being during the course of this coaching process

  4. I shall in no way hold Sarah Fischer, Sarah Fischer LLC, or any other company Sarah Fischer is affiliated with liable or responsible for any outcomes resulting directly or indirectly from this coaching process or for any actions I take during or after this coaching process.

  5. I understand that Sarah Fischer makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied about any results to be achieved.

  6. I agree to the 24-hour cancellation policy as outlined above

  7. I agree to the payment policy as outlined above

  8. I understand that Sarah Fischer retains the right to discontinue the coaching relationship for delinquent payment or at her discretion.

  9. By signing below, I acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to review this agreement, that I understand all aspects within it, and I agree to abide by it.


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