Ashaya Yoga® 200 hour In-Depth Study and Teacher Training is a powerful journey of heart opening and personal transformation. 

Designed for aspiring yoga teachers and/or yogis who seek to deepen their practice and knowledge through a structured curriculum, this course will support you in awakening your heart and living a more meaningful and empowered life of freedom and joy. 


The Ashaya Yoga® In-depth study and Teacher Training method has been developed by founder, Todd Norian over the last 35 years of training yoga teachers.  

The curriculum is rooted in the fundamentals of the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, and anatomy. During our time together you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the deeper studies of yoga and build a stronger, more flexible and balanced body, a focused, clear, and calm mind, and establish yourself in your connection to spirit.  It is a powerful and proven method that I fully believe in, because I've experienced it personally.  

Each training follows the Ashaya Yoga structure and is also as unique as the trainer who is offering it. For our program in Richmond, VA I am combining my knowledge of the rhythms of the natural world and patterns of adult learning with hours of study of the Ashaya Yoga® method to bring you a program that will support you to feel: Open-hearted, Playful, Content and at Ease as you move through the curriculum.

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The journey of becoming a Yoga teacher is one of profound transformation and radical self-discovery.

It requires a dedicated practice, ongoing studentship, and a willingness to open to the creative impulse of life.

One important aspect of the Ashaya Yoga® experience is the web of community we build between the trainer, students, and assistants.  You will be encouraged and supported to step into your own power and discover your authentic voice as you share the essence of yoga, which is love.  We will witness and welcome your struggles, successes and transformation and help you to grow your authentic light. 


When you join the training you are joining the Ashaya Yoga® family, an international community of yogis dedicated to Awakening Hearts and opening and healing their bodies.  

Staff for the 2017-2018 Richmond, VA training include: 

Sarah Fischer 
Lead Trainer

Randy Boyd  
Guest Teacher/Assistant
Ashaya Yoga® Teacher Trainer Fayetteville, WVA

Silver Kim 
Guest Teacher/Assistant
Ashaya Yoga® Teacher Trainer Bethlehem, PA

And additional Ashaya Yoga® trained teachers who will travel to Richmond to help you grow your skills.



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Great! We often have seasoned teachers from other styles of yoga in the Ashaya Yoga® training programs.  You will add a dimension of maturity and depth that truly benefits us all.  We even offer a $300 discount to registered yoga teachers who choose to take the training. 

You may benefit from the training in these ways: 

By deepening your practice and your connection with spirit through commitment to the eight month course

By being supported in recognizing and moving through any blocks in your teaching or practice

By learning skillful incorporation of themes and inspiration in your classes

By deepening your knowledge and experience of Ashaya Yoga® technique

By opening to the opportunity to become a licensed Ashaya Yoga® teacher 


Great! You absolutely do not have to teach yoga when you finish the course.  

Many people choose to study Ashaya Yoga® in the 200 hour course who have no intention of becoming yoga teachers.  

During the training you will be required to practice teaching your fellow students and friends.  This serves to help you integrate your learning.


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