Integrate your Year - Guided Reflections


We find ourselves in the liminal space between Christmas and the New Year. The last week, the week of the madhya - the midline - between what has been in 2018 and what will become in 2019. Like any midline, it holds power, possibility, and promise. Things have changed since the last time we were here. Things will change before we arrive here again. The question becomes how, in this week (this extremely filled up week), can we best mark the change and prepare for the year to come?

Find or make some quiet time alone with your journal - Or gather some friends and share these reflections. Divide the past year into time periods that makes sense to you - Monthly, Seasonally, Halves, by Major Events… whatever makes sense to you. Then take your time as you ask and answer these two simple questions for each time period.

Questions for Reflection & Integration -

What happened?

And, What did that Teach me?

Now take each of the Teachings and solidify them into simple nuggets of wisdom that are positive and easy to remember. Make a list of these deepest wisdom teachings from 2018. Read through your list aloud if possible. Follow your list with this question.

Question to prepare for 2019 -

Knowing what I now know - How do I want to direct my energy in the next cycle?

Let your answer to the final question sit with you in meditation, yoga asana, driving to a gathering or anything else you are doing. Let it evolve and eventually it will guide you toward your intention or resolution for 2019. Share your intention in the comments below if you wish.

I send you all my love and gratitude that you continue to show up and read my words. May the end of the year bring all you desire. And may your new year be filled with blessings and peace.

I would love to hear how this exercise goes for you. Please leave a comment or message me directly at Alternately, if you want some simple journal prompts for help with integration, please read this post from last year at this time.